Big Muddy River… Home of the Child Molesters.

So I wasn’t here for my “Jorfdens Drunk” blog like I said I would be. I’m sorry. I was spending the night with my CHild, letting him stay with me. SO tonight, I’m making up for it. And it’s extremely difficult as a naturally good typer to not go back and re-correct my mistakes. My hands typically do it before I realize that it’s been done. So I’m attempting not to do it, but at times it’s just happen, like just now.

Anyways… I’m going to talk about where I spent the past 3 years of my life. I’m going to write a scathing blog about Big Muddy River Correctional Center in Ina Illinois, 62846. It’s the worst Prison you could be in, not because of violence, but because of the amount of fucking child morlesters that live there, are housed there, are “civally committed” and will NEVER leave that place. So regular inamates, good guys, decent guys, drug dealser like myself; have to be surrounded by these fucking ingrates who touched CHildrend, somethimes as young or younger than 5 years oldl>

So I’ve taken somet ime since coming home from 3 years tehre to readapt to scoeiety. I”ve gotten myself two jobs. I’ve drank a few beers. I’ve spent time with boy my Son and my Daugther. I’ve hung out with my little brother who started high school, got his license, and got a job while I was gone. I’ve even done some eWrestling type shit since coming home. Still, fresh in my mind is the experience that I live d though, 3 years in Big Muddy River COrrectional Center.

Let me see wher eto begin. First I went to Hillsboro Illinois to Graham Correctional Center for what is classified as Receiving. IT’s where the joints in Illinoi s send you so they can “classify” you, and figure out what security level you deserve to be held under. While there I signed up for “Drug Rehandb” type of stuff, and because of doing this I got sent to Big Muddy River Correctional Center in Ina Illinois, wehre not only do they have the amazing Substance Abuse Program, but they also.. ubeknowst to be/me, have the states best Sex Offender program.

So I got shipped to fucking K55. Big fucking Muddy. So I went to receiving and then on to the regular housing units at this wonderful place. My first cell-mate was a kid named Steven Stepp Jr, called him Squirel. While in the cell with him, he told me “I shouldn’t have gtoten charged with sodomy, I didn’t put it in her ass, I just raped her..” and it was his younger sister, who was like 6. Yeah, fuck him. FUck you Squirel..


I spent like 9 months in a cell with him, then I was in a cell with a dude named Robert Crutchley. He eventuaally went to Segregation and then I was in a cell with a dude named Steven Henn. After that, I moved over to another housing unit and went to work in the Segregation unweptti as what the joints call, a ‘Porter”. I hoelped the officers pass out trays, spewept, cleaned, and was the bitch for the officers. In excanghe, I got to eat as much food as I wanted, sometimes up to 10 trays per day. I got to eat real food from the real world. Sometimes, I’d even get to have moveChew. It was a sweet gig,. I often times got into shouting matches witht he bitch ass inmates that were in segregation, because they wanted me to be their little errand boy, and fuck them. CHild molesting fuckers.

SAfter Seg, I moved over to 1 hours, D wing. Though while working in Segregation I was always a member of both the “Positive Edowm.ntry Program” and the “Transiontion Program,” both of which are designed to help change Crimian l and Addictive Behavhiors and THough Pattersns, once I moved over to 1-D, I was fully in the program as  “mentor.” While hwere, I faciliatated books and programs and classes to other inamtes. I gave them my qiswisdom. I gave them my thoughts. My feelings. I told them about my post. My history. And I listened to them lie to me about the things that they were “in the joint for”. Liars.

While on 1-D, where I was for the remainder of my entire sentence, I met some really cool guys. Eric Higgins, Joe Gensel, SuanPaul Williams and Kevin Hamilton to name 4. Cause, there was literally only 4. Everyone else I met on the wing, EVERYONE… was fucking CHild molesters. All the poeple who lied and said they were these toung as nailes gangbangers and this and that, all these city fucking nigegers. were nothing more then CHild molesters who if you look them up, were fuckingw ith kids under 5 fucking yeras old.

Eric Higgins

Joe Gensel

SuanPaul Williams

Kevin Hamilton – SUPER HUGE Wrestling fan… dude is like my Big Brother. For reals. Loves WCCW. We used to play the Wrestling Name Game while we were out from Day Room, as in Yokozuna – Austin Aries – Shawn Michaels – Steve Austin – Nosawa. He legit held his own.

My inner circle, rocked. Everyone else, fuck them. My inner circle was full of theives, and killers. Is that right? Probably not.l Is it better to have shot a 30 years old ..rather then raping a n innocent 5 year old kid, yeah, I think so.

So also… the officers. There were some that were fucking badd ass! Padilla. Amazing. Littler, AWESOME. Shakedown Smith, baddass dude. Randy Smith, the crackhead, was decent. Gooch, the Leu, awesome. Britton, who gave me my jobs, back to back summers, out on the yard, … the man for sure. Ms. Cullen, was a fucking bitch. She wouldn’t give us ICE in the middle of the fucking summer When it’s so hot you have to waer nothing more that n your boxers in your cell because the shitty fucking fans they cell you for 70 $ don’t keep you cool enough.  She coouldn’t, some people didn’t deserve the ice, sure. THose child molesters should burn in hell. But me, ME!? I’m a fucking drug dealer bitches, I deserved ICE.. I didn’t hurt anymore. Anyone. Even. Fuck her.

One other things One time we had to go througho what is called” Orange Crush”, its’ like this massive ass “shakedown” thing they do where 100_ guars ds come in from all over the state, who work for all the varioius joints. THey dress int hese gay ass Orange suits, wear rioat gear, and they treat you like fucking shit. strip you naked, walk you to the chow hall, then tear your cells apart looking for contraband. FUck Organe Crush. Bitch ass dudes. They took my fucking drinking cups. Nothing else, just my drinking cups. Really? So I’m not suppose to have a fucking drink for the next week antthat we are still on lockdown? Yeah, cool.


Naanother thing is Eric, the guy who runs commissary. Fuck him too. For a year fucking straight, I tried to order some colored pencils, and this prick told me that “oh we don’t have them.” So eventually I wrote a greiveance on his ass… and that mother fucker lied in response to the grievance. Fuck him too.

Seriously, fuck the IDOC system. I’ms o glad to be out of it. I learened my lesson about so many things. For instance, no more drugs dofor me. The consequence of them is BULLSHIT and SUCKS and NOT WORTH IT. I also learned that IDOC is full of tfucking idiots and I never EVER want to go back around them again. So fucking dumb. So glad to be gone. Some fucking jackass as I was WALKING AOUT THE DOOR With my mom and my brother, said “see you by christmas”, whe was this old ass officer who looks like he’s a child molester himself. TO him…


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