Four Years of Ramblings

Apparently, I’ve been doing these things for four-ish years. Since 2011, I’ve evolved time and time again. It’s to the point that I have no idea what I’m writing here anymore. Like. At all. So. I bring the questions that boggle my mind to you, dear reader.

Philosophically? I’m at a crossroads. I do not know what content I should be providing to… whomever the readership of may be. When I write things, the typical thoughts that go through my mind these days have something to do with: “Be professional.”

The thoughts tell me: “Be the writer you know you are.”

And, as always, I feel: “Write first with your heart.”

That’s what hits me right away whenever I begin typing the words that correspond with a “modern” (if that’s the term) rambling that I write here.

But basically. You, dear reader, are the one that makes this glass full. Not half-empty, nor is it half-full. Without your readership, ceases to be. Aside from support of that guy… you know.

The beer mug of awesomeness!
The beer mug of awesomeness!


The point is this:

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I don’t know WHICH direction “” should go. At all. Seriously. I’m stumped.

Here is the part where I show you evidence. Or something. You know. If this were a court of law and what have you. The following links will describe what writings I should be doing on this here… website of mine.



You, dear reader, you tell me where goes from here. Because. I am… TRULY at a loss.

Your humble servant.

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I’m pretty awesome. I write drunken ramblings. Lover of gaming. Engaged in an on-again-off-again relationship with pro-wrestling. And I am your resident Batman expert.

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