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It’s almost been a year since this organization known as, “ISIS.” Or… is it, ISIL? Perhaps… it’s just… “IS.” You know, “Islamic State.” Even though, you know, according tho the current President, these dudeds (and… iuh… dudettes.?) have NOTHING to do with Islam. In arabic (I believe). theyre called “Daesh.” Whatever their mname may be.

“Discredit. Degrade. Digest. Discontinue. Depress. Disregard. Dehumanize. Disembowel. Degenerate into something foo’. We just got tired of doin’…” -The president. Pretty much.

It’s been almost a year since they’ve been relevent. If that’s the appropriate term. I’m not sure. And… you knw. They’ve pretty much been cunts the entire time. You know? bnut like… I haven’t done a rambling about them. Truly. Y know? I mean I mentioned them, kinda, sorta frqeuwqnt l y from time to time. But I never. Trul.y Rambled. About. Them.

I don’t think. Anyways. Correct me if I’m wrong, I suppose.

I do know that I’ve mentioned them ime and again on the Drunken Radio Network. I’m WELL sure of this bit. But seriousl.

I haven’t taken the time to ACTUALLY ramble about thise cunts.

And really. That “stand alone sentence/paragraph thing.” It kinda sums it all up, innit? I do regard “these cunts” to be a genuine threat. I do. Because. I mean. They obciously are. they’re an OVBLIOUS threat to the Western way of life. And “democracy.” (I’m tearing myself apart on the inside when I say that last word that’s not parenthesized_ ). They’re an OBVIOUS threat to… common sense? That’s the only phrase coming to me

I mean .



You know…




So like. Words. Filler. Here. Hate me. Slay me. It’s been a while since I’ve TRULY done a “drunken rambling” like tis. More filler here. Cause. Words. And pictures. And things. And awesoemness? Maybe? And… you should beuy The Drunken Diaries Volume II: More Ramblings You Won’t Read! ON KINDLE~! BUY IT NOW~! OR ELSE!~


But really, as much as it…. MABY pain me to say this. “ISIL” as the president’s administration likes to call the group, is the more appropriate term. It should be ther “scarier” term. Without a doubt.

Essentially… “ISIS” refers to the landmass of the current Sykes-Pikot agreed upon States of iraq and Syria. “ISIL” refers to the inclusion of “the Levant.” “The Levant,” essentially includes Israel. And… these cunts are looking to establish a Caliphate.


This whole, “Islamic State” thing. Thy were, once upon a time, a part of al qaeda in Irawq. AL-FUCKING-QAEDA was liike, “whoa dues, I know we want to kill all Americans and shit, but you want tp bne MORE< EZTEMS ABOUT ITE?!” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi replied. “OD OCOURSE!”

Boko Haram and Syrian rebels sprinklesd in there. And…



The whole premise of “ISIS/ISIL is not Islamic” is the most moronic thing ever. I mea. This is pretty as ridiculous as the president saying that his is the most transparent government eve. It’s

It’s beyond ridiculous. It’s unsatirical. It can NOT be satirized.

To quote from the Quran:

[Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.

Yes, yes. The Quran isn’t telling all Muslims to lop off some heads. Obviousness is obvious. Worship the God you want. Al of that. Obviously.

But with all of the different Hadiths that are abvailable to interpretation. Like. SERIOUSLY. OPEN to interpretation.

And the fact that… THOMAS FUCKIGN JEFFERSON was, essentially saying, “Whoa guys. Did you know that these ‘Barbary Pirates’ we’re fighitng in… you know… our countryies’ first foreign war… these guys really want to kill us. JUSTY BECAUSE we don’t believe in Muhammed.”

And… all of the different spellings of the prophets’ name. Whatever. I’m rambling WAY too much.

The poin t is… NONE of this is new.

NONE of it.l

THIS disgracefull teaching of Islam has been around since the time of the Crusades. Christianity has had a reform since those “middle ages.” Islam? Well. There’s never been any, tryue reformation. Ever. The prohpet’s word is the prophet’s word. POeriod.


And. Obvious meme is obvious.

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