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Dude. I Need to Talk BoJack Horseman. Period. Again.

I’m sorry, guys. I’ve got no one, in my life, anywheres, that I can talk to about this. So like.

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The EPIC Rambling of THE DECADE!

Dude. For the past… I dunno… threeish years? I’ve done some sort of “OF THE YEAR~@@!” Rambling. Right? But I

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The Drunken Watching of… The Dark Knight

While I’m not giving it the “12DoDM19” label… this is it. The final “Watching of” in this 12 Days of

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12DoDM19 — D11: Watching of The Christmas Twist

So. Basically. This is where I rant a bit. About all of the dumb asery going on in American politcs.

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12DoDM19 — D9: Rapid Fire Christmas Specials!

So. Yeah dude. I guess… I shoulda held off on the Bojack Horseman Christmas Special for this rambling or soething?

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12DoDM — D7: Watching of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Dude. I’m just saying. WAY BACK… in the second year of this likeele. RyansDrunk.Com/Ryans Drunken Ramblings/blog/ramblings/whatever piece of nothingness art

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