Pubescent Big Mouths


Maybe it’s just me.

But like.

This time perdiod. Likelt thoroughout middleschool and into high school. Puberty wasn’t that big of a deal or me.


That’s just because, for me, puberty wasn’t that big of a deal. I mean. Sure. Masturbation happened. Frequently. In wasy that even this Netflix show, Big Mouth, couldn’t evenfathom. Hell. They were WAY too afraid to go to the places I went to, as far as masturbation goes. You know. In my pubescent stage.

But like. In all honesty?

Alkl I could think of while I watched this show, was: Puberty wasn’t that bad.

I mean.

There DEFINIZtle wasn’t a “Puberty Mpmster.”

This didn’t happen. Believe it or not.

But then again.

I was highly suicidal throughjout middle school and into high school.



I’m just talking out of my ass. Or something.

But really.

I just want to ramble.



TheBlaze. A “news source” that I reallly, truly, DEEPLY actuall y like, was all like, “PARENTS~! Netflix is about to indoctrinate your kids withs a new cartoon~!”

You know.

Like this.




My Mormon boy, Pat Gray’s all like, “Oh no this is seriously dangerous~@!”

When in reality, a creator of the show only expressed that “Yeah, it’d be cool if teenaged girls watched it.”


Just stop it.

“Conservatives.” As much as you bitch about snowflakes. Make sure you’re not becoming one yourself.

The end?

I don’t know.

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