Ryan’s First Fan Art

So… this really isn’t anything noteworthy. At all. But, it’s kind of awesome at the same time. Ryan, of RyansDrunk.com fame, has received his own fan art! For the first time in the history of EVER!


In all reality, this is just something that will accompany some “ramblings” I WILL be doing soon for the e-wrestling “promotion” United Toughness Alliance. And there will probably be even MORE amazing “fan art” to to go along with these initial renders. But… for a first look, that is kinda, sorta, an exclusive to RyansDrunk.com, here they are…


More should be coming soon. But for now, I’d suggest that you check out WrestleUTA‘s “Dirt Sheet” regularly. Or else.

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I’m pretty awesome. I write drunken ramblings. Lover of gaming. Engaged in an on-again-off-again relationship with pro-wrestling. And I am your resident Batman expert.

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