The Drunken Radio Show’s Year End Awards

Unlike most “Year End Awards,” here on, I’m only looking for two responses on two questions. And they both have to do with The Drunken Radio Show. If you’ve never heard the show before, I’ll explain briefly. On just about every episode starting since one of the first episodes of Nightcap, I came up with two weekly segments titled, “Batman of the Week” and “Cunt of the Week.”

And to explain the meaning behind them. Briefly. Calling someone “Batman” is the highest honor I could give someone. Likewise, calling someone a, “cunt,” is the lowest honor I could give to someone.

Below you will be shown who I truly believe to be the best of the best of this year in the two categories in their respective polls. Please choose two choices for each.

After the polls, in case you’re not sure why, exactly, I choose the nominees that I had, I will give you the details.

Batman of the Year Nominees

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Anthony Weiner: If you, somehow, don’t know. I love me some Weiner. So much that I would sacrifice my own, personal, political beliefs and vote for him if he’s on a Democratic ticket for President in 2016 (given that his running mate is Eric Holder, anyways). Anthony Weiner is the gift that keeps on giving. So why don’t you show your love for Weiner and help him become Batman of the Year? Or, you should TRULY show your support and buy some Weiner/Holder 2016 t-shirts?



Edward Snowden: The NSA whistle blower. The guy that lived in an airport like his name was Tom Hanks. The guy that gave up a secure six-figure job, the hot girlfriend, the family and the rest of his life in order to tell Americans the truth. His motives may be questionably heroic. But the act in it of itself isn’t debatable. He was a hero. Something like that.



Ashton Kutcher: The unapologetic liberal that wanted to “pledge allegiance to the president.” He went on… one of MTV’s awards shows and gave a message to young people that they truly need to hear.



San Francisco/Batkid: Just a few weeks ago, the Make a Wish Foundation partnered with the city of San Francisco, California to make a five-year-old’s wish of becoming Batman a reality. It’s a heartwarming story. And it’s the ONLY time San Francisco could EVER come close to being Batman.



Rand Paul: Damn it. Now I’m going all “partisan” on you. But basically, Rand Paul made my pick for Batman of the Week a few months ago after he stood in front of the Senate and filibustered the nominee of… I forget who. It was all based on the President’s drone usage.


Ted Cruz: And another “partisan” type of choice. Due to another filibuster. This time, Ted Cruz stood for nearly 24 hours in front of the American Senate and argued that a defunding of the Affordable Care Act should be a part of a budget deal. Several weeks later, after the Affordable Care Act took effect and the disastrous roll-out began, those that criticized Mr. Cruz started to practically mimic him. But, thanks to the mainstream media, this is the guy that was given full blame for the government shutdown. But… you know how that goes. Or, you should. Hopefully.




Cunt of the Year Nominees

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Oprah Winfrey: While Oprah was promoting her movie, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, among falsely accusing a Swedish store of racism, she also entered the debate of the ongoing George Zimmerman trial. One of her first comments? Well, let’s just say, they were totally idiotic. And if you don’t vote for Oprah to be the Cunt of the Year, it’s parallel to Emmett Till. In my mind, same thing.

The Current President of the United States: Honestly, the only reason I’m nominating him instead of say, Harry Reid, is because I chose him for Cunt of the Week more times than anyone else, sadly. From dancing with World War III over supposed chemical weapons, to the utter disastrous handling of the Affordable Care Act’s roll-out, he was chosen somewhere between 6-8 times for CotW. That in it of itself should be reason enough to get this vote.



Chris Christie: 
The New Jersey Governor, who is being eyed at strongly by establishment Republicans as a 2016 Presidential hopeful, made some comments this year that were truly disturbing to me. Off the top of my head, I believe that the comments you hear in this video were those that sparked the so-called “Christie vs. Paul” battle that… yeah… nevermind. Its a “dangerous thought.”



Whoever Decided to Cast Ben Affleck as Batman: “We need to have Congressional hearings on the matter. We need to get to the bottom of who it was that decided to cast Ben Affleck as Batman. And that person needs to be brought up on charges of crimes against humanity.” That’s what I said after initially hearing of the casting. And this too.



Lindsey “I Didn’t Know it Was This Bad” Graham: The “esteemed” Senator from South Carolina was one of many in the establishment GOP that supported the initial “Arab Spring” in Egypt of 2010. Yet, in the aftermath and prior to the ousting of President Morsi, he visited the country that had gone into chaos. And well, “I didn’t know it was this bad.”



Ryan: Most every co-host and guest that have been on the show with me, their biggest choice for Cunt of the Week was always, me. Your humble drunkard from afar. And perhaps, there are reasons to support their claims. Thus, I’m bringing the issue to you. Was I the biggest cunt of this year? YOU DECIDE!



And so there you have it. Your nominees for Batman of the Year and Cunt of the Year! Although I do hope you’d make an informed vote on anything you vote for, there’s no need to take all the time in the world to check out ALL of the evidence supplied here.

The voting ends on December 26th, 10:00PM EST. You know. When The Drunken Radio Show’s Century Club Send-Off begins! Be sure to listen to the show to find out the winners!

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