THIS Thirsty Thursday

I guess… I could promote the awesomeness that I’m planning. Right?

Well here.

1. The Drunken Radio Show talks NOTHING but the JFK assassination. Forreals. It’s the 50th anniversary of the slain president. Yet, there’s SOOOOOOO many questions remaining. The Drunken Radio Show will address ALL of these questions.
And… as a sidenote… at SOME point during the show, I will try to make the idea of “Ryan’s Bar Trivia” a reality. Basically… because WWE’s Survivor Series occurs the Sunday following this show, I will attempt the first REAL shot of predicting the outcome of the Survivor Series main event. Listen to the show for more details. Forreals.

2. After The Drunken Radio Show, I WILL do a rambling here on And… GOD WILLING… I, actually, WON’T pass out this time. But, the plan is to do a rambling titled, “The Drunken Watching of… JFK.” Again. Given that it’s the 50th anniversary and what have you…. This, I feel is the best way to comemorate the occasion here.

So yeah.


Next week will be AMAZING. If you’re a history buff and an extreme fan of movies. Essentially.

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I’m pretty awesome. I write drunken ramblings. Lover of gaming. Engaged in an on-again-off-again relationship with pro-wrestling. And I am your resident Batman expert.

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