I’m sorry, guys. I had to use such clickbaity tactics with that headline there.

Guys. I’m pretty dumbfounded. How the hell this country, the news media… the… absolute insanity of everything… how it all has come down to the state it’s in today. Hw, within 10 years, the greater news media landscape went from: “No matter what, you should never call the president, any president, a racist.” To… the greater newsmedia accepting it as an absolute fact, pounding deeply into the minds of… whoever;s watching, that, without question, the current president is a racist.

Now, again, it’s not only AN ABSOLULTE FACT~! that Donald Trump is a white national racist, but anyone that doubts this fact is a white national racist. Period. No discussion. The end.

Kinda like another political argument that is “settled science.” But. I’ll leave that alone.

bUT. fORREALS guys, ya’ll have gone off the deep end. Seriously. This is how you sound.

And. That’s it, dude. I’m calling bullshit.

Ya’ll cried racism. Because. Mitt Romney DARED to run against Barack Obama in 2021. John McCain DARED to pick Sarah Palin as his running mate.


Bill Maher admitted it.

Ya’ll cried wolf.

But… Trump’s… different?

I mmean. Of course. Me. In 2016. I’m right there with you. Right?

LOL! Donald Turmp winz Presidency?! Watch till end for lolz!

Guys. People on the left. You had me.

You did.


You went batshit.

It kinda… KINDA started… around here (allthough this is more on the right thsn it is the left… but,,,)

This is… basically when ya’ll went batshit. Kinda?


The mass shootings in Dayton and El Pas happened. Right? That’s what spatrked this initial rambling.

And. When the El Pasi shooting happened. The media naritive was. UNDOUBTEDLY the shooter (whose name I won’t mention. Because. as drunk as I am I have principles) WAS A RACIST cUNT!@ and stuffs~! and HE HATES MEXXICANZ~! JUST LIKE TRUMP~1 And whagtever.

Nevermind the fact that… within the same. exact. Manifesto. The dude made. That he said he wants to kill people becausse overpopulation. And. Legit. The dude wants to rid America of “undocumented imigrants” because Al Gore has told him time and time again that the world, America, whatever…. we’re running out of resources… climate change. Blah.

Legit. The El Paso shooting could be blamed on Al Gore. Just as much as the media made it out to be Donal Trump’s fault.



I mean. Dude.

No. The dude. Th El Paso terrorist WAS/IS an obvious racist. He is. Obviously. But to COMPLETELY IGNOE the “climate change” “exo-fascism” angle is TOTALLY moronic and COMPPLETELY biased. YEs. The dude hated “Mexicans.” Apparently. Yest. That’s. Racist. Obviously. But NO ONE. NOT ONE MAIN STREAM media outlet focussed on how he thought killing those people would help eleviate that “climate change” problem. No one.

Because. Climate change is a FACT~1 And capitalism is to blame. Accept it. Accept it. Accept it. Accept it.

Or else.

Donald Trump is a racist.

Accept it. Accept it. Accept it. Accept it. Accept it. Accept it.

Or else.




Donald Trump HIMsELF TOLD the El Paso shooter to kill himself some Mexicans~! That’s what Donald Trump told the El Passo Shooter. Person. According to the media. Basically.

And it’s like.

Dude. GTFO. Get pissed off about “Fredo” or something. OH NO~! I JUST SAID “NIGGER” towards Itaians. (becuase, “N-Word,” is WAY more offensive to me).

For the record:

The “youtu.be” link shared in that text image. Thing.

My Italian friend, Billy, had NO idea about. ANY of this



Jesus Christ. I’m such a racist. Homophobic. Nazi. Xenophobic. Islomophobic. Asshole.



This all began. In like… AT THE MOST 2009.

Greg Gutfeld. Host of Fox News’s Red Eye.

This is the only show on Fox News that I ever LO VED. (If youtube wasn’t a cungt back in like 2013 or something, I’de show you the proof).

Gred would, basically do this bit. At.. essentially the start of every show, called, “The Gregalogue.” And. Again. This show happened and gained its notorietyh during the Obama administration. Greg would do NUMEROUS.. you know… “common sense,” monulougoes. And he’d end them all with, “If you disagree with me, you’re a racist Nazi.” Or…. probably, more accuragely… something like, “If you disagree with me, you’re a racist homophobe.”



But. FFS. Ya’ll on the left? You’ve UNIRONICALLY become Greg Gutfeld.

You know. THis guy.

And if you disagree with me you’re a racist, spoiled. homophobic, Obama-hating child.
As he said there.

Ya’lll have cried wolf on racism.


Hulk. Fucking. Hogan.

Is a racist. Because. When he was deeply depressed and pissed off beyond beliefe, he called a dude that was dating his daughter a “niger.”

OH MY FUCKING GOD! SUCH RACISM! OMG! Hulk Hogan (who is, by my estimation, not a good human being, or professional wrestler, or a good influence on professional wrestling in general), OBVIOUSLY… HATES… not dislikes… not even moderately tollerages… but. Hulk Hogan HATES. Every. Human. Being. Born with skin color darker than cthe one he was born with. He HATES brown/black/darker skin colored people. HE HATES THEM. HE WANTS THEM ALL TO DIE IN A FIRE~! Because he called this one dude that pissed him off a nigger.


The fucking world ended. One dude was called a nigger.


Donald Trump. Once said.

In a mostly innocuous, “I’m runing for President” speech:

When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.



Ya’ll have cried racist. WAY too much.

You’ve turned this “never Trumper” into a “probably Trumper.” by proxy.

Donald Trump isn’t the greatest. But he’s a MUCH more sane option than ANYTHING the Democratic Socialists of America are putting forward. Wait. I mean. The Democratic Party. You know. The party that opposed Abraham Lincoln’s 13th ammendment. The party that formed the KKK. The party that built LEGIT concentration camps for Japanese citizens. The party that fought against Civil Rights. You know. The party that created Social Security. The party that created “the great society.” The party that created welfare.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders’ party.

Aww… poor Shawn Michaels…?

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