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What’s on My Mind Vol. VII (in Quarantine)

Dude. This wroting on my ohone thing sucks songod damn m🤦ch. Lmao… Uh…. But yeah man. This is probably the

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Burying Bernie in Arizona

Dude. There;s only like.. a few things I know of , FOR SURE, that’sa going to happen in this universe

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QUICK RAMBLING: The 2020 Democrat Primary or How None of These Candidates Will Win

Dude. One of the many-a ramblings I had planned for tonight. One was “The Watching of…” whatever Democratic debate happened.

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The Biggest Missed Opportunity in WrestleMania History

So. It was announced this past week that WrestleMania is going to be “going Hollywood” for the firs time since

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