The Final Week of Drunken Radio

This. Is. It.

The Drunken Radio Network as it has existed for over three years, is ending. Kaput. Forreals this time. There will be no savior. At least, as of this writing.

And, allow me to say this.

I am pretty damn positive that I am no where near the best “radio/podcast” host IN THE HISTORY OF EVER~! I’m pretty damn positive that a lot of the time when I host a show by myself, it’s pretty God damn boring.

The thing is, I’ve always loved doing it.

When I was 13-years-old and hosting the SHOWRadio SHOW with that best friend of mine – every week for, however long that shit lasted, it was the greatest moment of my life.

When I was 14-years-old and hosted the parody radio show, “The Pee Tea See Mal-Ass,” and made a 30+-year-old man offended to HIS FUCKING CORE, I absolutely loved that shit.

Being a 20-something-year-old adult and hosting a radio show about whatever I wanted to talk about. From politics to Batman. No matter how insignificant that show is/was. I absolutely loved doing that shit.

But now. It’s over.

The Drunken Radio Network. Is. Done.

Even this image is boring.
Even this image is boring.

HOWEVER. It is going out with a BANG! Because. God fucking Damn it. It abso-fucking-lutely has to!

During the Final Week of Drunken Radio (June 20-24 2016), I’ll be hosting a nightly show, Mon-Fri. 9:00e/6:00p.

This is the schedule:

shootoutMONDAY JUNE 20, 2016:
The Shootout with Ryan Harms
The Final Week of Drunken Radio kicks off with this! Ryan will be discussing the current state of professional wrestling, WWE, etc. while watching the current edition of Monday Night Raw live on the air! All of this plus much, MUCH more!

wallpaperTUESDAY JUNE 21, 2016
The One That’s All About Batman
It’s the Final Week of Drunken Radio and Ryan will be here to discuss, once again, everything and anything to do with his favorite topic – Batman! Be sure to tune in and ask your questions for this self-proclaimed Batman expert!

merica3WEDNESDAY JUNE 22, 2016
The ‘Merica Edition!
It’s the Final Week of Drunken Radio, Ryan will be here to discuss all things ‘Merica! From the country’s history, the current political cycle, and the future of the nation. Everything will be discussed! Be sure to tune in!

harmswayTHURSDAY JUNE 23, 2016
Harms’ Way Ep. 75: The Final One
Join Ryan and his quasi-co-host Timmy? Merhaps? For this. The FINAL Episode of Harms’ Way with Ryan Harms as they discuss all of the news of the day and give their picks for ReJects of ALL TIME! Be sure to tune in!

dradioFRIDAY JUNE 24, 2016
It started with them. It ends with them. Ryan and Rich reunite for this – The FINAL Drunken Radio Show. From Weiner/Holder in 2016, to the nanomachines that killed JFK. Everything comes down to this. The Drunken Radio Show with Ryan and Rich!